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Divine Healing Energy

Loving Yourself from the Inside Out "

Customer Testimonials

Beverly is truly an amazing coach. One of the things that blew me away about her is her ability to cut right to an issue with me only offering a sentence or two. She also was very good at drawing connections between issues I am having now and things from my past that I never even considered. The 'ah ha' moments of total clarity came hard and fast during my work with her. She is highly intuitive, and working with her offers a very profound coaching experience. She is not just giving advice and practical actionable tips—which she does very well—but actually working with you to cut to the core of what is blocking you from being, doing and having all you want. She is assisting you in making the energetic shifts that will allow you to make the changes you need to make to allow what you want to come into your life with greater ease. Kelli C.


"Your guidance and Empowerment Sessions have allowed me to obtain more clarity and focus on what really matters to me in my life. Through this clarity I now feel more in control and more courageous. I have realized more truths about myself and I truly do like me!

Shedding the negatives and embracing the positives and the ah ha moments! Now it's just forward, onward and upward! Thank you." D.S.


"Through depression I have made several mistakes in my life that I am having a hard time dealing with. Your Empowerment Sessions have helped me gain confidence and you are helping me find my good points and focus on those. You make me feel that I am worthy of peace and members are noticing and commenting on my new level of confidence! Beverly, I hope you have the best (Birth)day ever! R.W.


"I thoroughly enjoyed your EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Workshop. It was easy to learn and do, it has helped me tremendously with relieving stress, pain and it has even helped me deal with my cravings for smoking ( I have been quit for a week but tapping has helped me through the cravings). Thank you for everything and I loved tapping with our group! What next I wonder!"



I highly recommend your EFT classes!!! What a great learning experience it was for me with regards to the different areas covered, such as tapping; chakras and energy just to name a few. Tapping was really beneficial for me. I didn't realize how easy it was to help shift dense energy from my body. I really enjoyed learning about all the different chakras and how they (can) affect each other. Feeling the energy going through my body was unbelievable, almost surreal. Now that I have gotten my feet wet, I want to learn so much more, I want to jump in the water head first! Thank you Beverly for giving me a whole new perspective on life!!!


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